Parent Guide: The Muppet Movie

About The Muppet Movie

Kermit the frog is living his quiet swamp life when he’s approached by an agent to audition in Hollywood for the chance of a lifetime. Kermit journeys across the country toward Hollywood meeting new friends along the way. Kermit and his new friends must avoid the evil Doc Hopper who wants to use Kermit to advertise his frog legs food chain.

Rated: PG


Parent Guide

Best for: Ages 6 and up


A good amount of slapstick comedy

Miss Piggy is kidnapped and held at gunpoint

A couple scenes where characters are shot at or chased by other characters with guns


None noted except some minor name calling

Mature Content

A few characters drink wine and beer, some background characters smoke cigars

Implied kissing of 2 characters

A few flirting scenes


One scene where characters are captured but they escape

Animal grows very large and destroys a building


The Muppet Movie is a classic family film with singable songs and plenty of slap stick comedy. Because this is an older film some of the jokes might not be as relevant for younger audiences but I’m sure the older viewers will love the throw back references. Overall, this is a great film to watch as a family with especially elementary aged children. Younger children may be bothered by some of the instances where characters are in perilous situation but most children will enjoy The Muppet Movie.

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