Parent Guide: The Goonies

About The Goonies

Set in the Pacific Northwest, a group of young teens who call themselves The Goonies discover an ancient map. They set out on an adventure to find a legendary pirate’s long-lost treasure. They hope to use the spoils of the treasure to save their home from a corporate developer. Along the way they cross paths with a notorious crime family, make a new friend and evade numerous booby traps.

This parent guide is designed to help you determine if this film is appropriate for your family.


Rated: PG

Understanding the MPAA Ratings

Where to Watch: Vudu, Amazon

Parent Guide

Best for: Ages 10 and up


A police chase with shooting

Characters are tortured

Characters discover a dead body

Skeletal remains are seen


Several uses of “s–t,” “bulls–t,” “damn,” “goddamn,” “ass” and “hell”

Mature Content

A few characters kiss

A male character tries to look up the skirt of a female character

Several crude references made by teen characters

A scene that shows a statues male genitalia

Characters a seen smoking cigarettes and alcohol


Children are often in perilous situations


This 1985 cult classic is an action packed pirate adventure that is sure to capture the hearts of kids young and old. The film may be too intense or inappropriate for younger children. There is occasional language and mature references which may not be suitable for some audiences. The children are also often being chased or caught in perilous situations that some children may find stressful. However, the overall story is very heartwarming and inspirational.