Parent Guide: Princess Bride

The 1987 cult classic, The Princess Bride is a fantasy comedy that is considered by critics and fans to be one of the best films of the 80’s. The Princess Bride has some of the most quoted lines in cinematic history. Many people claim The Princess Bride to be one of their favorite films, but is it safe to show your kids?

About Princess Bride

A young boy is home sick from school and his grandfather to reads him the fairy tale of The Princess Bride. A beautiful young maiden and her true love farm boy are separated. The young maiden believes her true love to be dead and agrees to marry the cruel prince.


Rated: PG

Parent Guide

Best for: 8 and up


Sword fighting

Several men are hit or strangled and pass out

Battle with Rodents Of Unusual Size.

Small amounts of blood shown from stab wounds

A machine partially kills a man


Son of a b*tch is said once

A few other uses of words like “arse”, “Jesus” and “God”

Mature Content

Several kissing scenes

A man makes comment on a woman’s “perfect breasts”

A character is drunk


Several fight scenes

A battle with the Rodents Of Unusual Size in the Fire Forest may be intense

A man dies from poisoning

A few characters stabbed, blood seen on clothes

A man is tortured and screams in pain

Several characters die


This 1987 cult classic is great for families with older kids. The Princess Bride is filled with action, comedy, and romance so there is a little bit of something for everyone. Some of the themes and actions scenes might be too intense for younger children.